[TenTec] Orion 1st Year of Use

N0KHQ@aol.com N0KHQ at aol.com
Wed Jun 1 12:41:07 EDT 2005

Hello Group,

I am a Beta tester for  engineering at TT and am very proud to have been 
selected to participate in the  commissioning of the Orion and software.

I am, by nature, a very  analytical individual with a positive team spirit 
attitude. I have owned the  Orion for one year now and I've got to tell you, 
this is the best rig I have  ever owned. It wasn't an easy decision to sell my 
TS-850S, TS-950SDX and IC-756  Proll but they just were not of any use to me any 
more. I still have the  TS-830S. Every now and then I fire up the old beast 
and have some fun for a  while. Then turn it off, cover it up and its back to 
the Orion.

It is a  real pleasure to finally have a rig that allows me to control 
features that  other manufactures don't allow. If you own an Orion, you know what 
I'm talking  about.

There are 23 Beta Testers working with engineering at TT right now  and each 
is an expert in there own fields (including programming) of operation.  My 
expertise is SSB and general operation only. These are the features that I  will 
be commissioning in the next beta release. Which, by the way, should be  
released for testing sometime this month baring no "Gotchas". 

There is  an old saying in the software programming world that goes something 
like  this:

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first  place.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you  are,
by definition, not smart enough to debug it. (reprint)   

This is why TT (or any other manufacturer) has beta testers and  encourages 
positive constructive input from its equipment users.  Non-constructive 
negative or slanderous remarks about a product contribute  absolutely nothing to its 
improvement or enhancement.

If you own an  Orion, Jupiter, Pegasus or even an SDR-1000 I would encourage 
you to purchase  what's call a "T-4 Line Isolator" and install it right at the 
antenna outputs of  the rig. I also would encourage you to install ferrite 
beads or Radio Shacks  "Ice Cube" ferrite on the keying line going from the rig 
to your linear.  Installation of these two items will allow for trouble free 
operation of your  SDR.

I never had to use these components on any of my other rigs, but  they were 
not computer based ham radio transceivers either. 

I can  guarantee you that Kenwood, Yeasu and Icom are working on software 
based rigs to  be released probably before the peak of the next solar cycle. It 
only makes  sense to manufacture a rig using 75% less components and to sell it 
for twice  the price. These people are not stupid. Its coming.....get ready, 
ham radio will  never be the same.

I bought the Orion for what it is, a software based  ham radio transceiver 
that allows ME, the user, to have control over features  that, in my opinion, 
are very important.

If you don't own an Orion, you  owe it to yourself to try one and compare it 
to other rigs you may have or to  other rigs on the market today.

If you have owned an Orion and didn't  like it.......that's cool! You can't 
please  everyone.



John / N0KHQ / St.  Louis

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