[TenTec] Long mic cables for Studio 1 on boom

W8KEB w8keb at 1st.net
Tue Jun 7 18:36:52 EDT 2005

HI All

I just got out of the hospital this afternoon so this will be short.  I have
the Heil GoldLine GM-5 and Studio 1 for my Orion.  These mikes use the 4 pin
XLR connector.  Bob Heil does not like to lose a sale so don't tell him you
are making a new mike cable for his microphone.  At Dayton this year I
bought four 4 pin XLR connectors and 20 foot of Heil Wire.  I now have two
mike cables made to the size I want and how I wanted them.  If you have the
4 pin XLR connector, just unsolder the old cable and solder the cable in its
place.  Bob Heil's GoldLine and Studio 1 mike are simple and all you have to
do is take them apart and look at how they are soldered by Donna.  Make some
notes and re-solder the new cable in.

Flushing, Ohio

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