[TenTec] re should i buy an orion now

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Mon Jun 20 13:31:53 EDT 2005

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<<<Look in the book for the Master reset command, then have a  ball, mess  it 
up, reset, mess it up again and Reset.  and write  down you  favorite 
settings..  then reset.....   >>>

I must be the only ham in Ten Tec Land who doesn't see  this as being a 
particularly good  time.


I was trying to show that you could discover  and try things on  the Orion 
and if you got your self  tied in knots you could reset and start  again...
.my appoligies if I was a bit Flip on my demeanor, but it is possible to  set 
things where it does't work, no audio etc, so there is always the master  
reset to get you back to normal modes..  realize there are over a million  
combinations all programmable on just the agc, so say you set this by accident  with 
the threshold too high, you have no recieve, now if you don't know what you  
screwed up, you just do a master reset to fix it and try again.
tom N6AJR

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