[TenTec] I'll wait, thank you.

Able2fly@aol.com Able2fly at aol.com
Tue Jun 21 19:14:10 EDT 2005

No, I'm not waiting  for an improved Orion, For me, the Orion is  simply too 
much of a good thing. Its size is even a bit too much. What I am  waiting for 
will come from TenTec in a Jupiter sized package and have the  personality and 
intuitive handling of the later Omnis. It will have an RX every  bit as good 
as Orion's with crystal and DSP filters, but won't have  the sub RX and 
stereo. Its colorful display will feature  a _useful_ spectrum display that is in 
fact, a  _real time_  display. It'll be kinda like a sports car version of last 
years  Caddy...
Until then I'll just struggle along with the 3 Omnis in the shack,  (the C, 
V, and VI+)
Bill  K3UJ

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