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Good setup,

Are you using diversity reception?

Best wishes,

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>Subject: [TenTec] MY_BUTTERNUT_HF2V_&_ORION_&_RFI
>Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 09:47:40 -0400
>Just put up a Butternut HF2V vertical (80-40-30 meters) with the 30 meter
>add on kit. I buried 19 radials each 70 feet long 1 inch under the ground.
>Why 19? I got board. Why 70 feet? Seemed a good length although they only
>had to be the length of the vertical, 32 feet.
>The vertical seems to be working great so far. I haven't had a chance to
>compare transmit to my 270 foot center fed with 450 ohm ladder line
>terminating to a balun yet. The 270 footer is up at 50 feet.
>The vertical is only 1/2 S unit or so below the 270 foot center fed on
>receive, and sometimes is better.
>I have an 8 foot ground rod at the base of the vertical and a DX 
>radial plate that made the radial connections easy.
>This HF2V also has a 75 ohm matching section because of the added 30 meter
>As for RFI and the Orion. I also had to re-invent my shack setup such as
>moving the 450 ladder line outside the house and establishing a good earth
>ground that is 2, 8 foot ground rods outside the 1st floor shack window 
>terminates on a single point ground connection in the shack. Water pipe
>didn't cut it!
>I also found that running the SSB menu "TX AUDIO SOURCE" on BOTH when
>running SSB high power screwed up my audio, big time. Setting it to "MIC"
>cured that. I run PSK31 using the AUX input and when set at BOTH the Orion
>didn't like what was coming in the AUX input when on SSB.
>By the way, the Orion is working great!!! Good to know that it is up with
>the best receivers made.
>Just wish it had a larger range internal auto tuner. Maybe Ten Tec will 
>out with a larger range internal tuner or upgrade the existing one?
>All is quiet now!
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