[TenTec] Subject: Re: OT: Lightning and Grounds

We5f@aol.com We5f at aol.com
Thu Jun 30 23:27:26 EDT 2005

>From Carl Moreschi N4PY:

"I completely disconnect all my equipment when a storm comes.  That means
disconnecting all my electronic equipment from the antennas, power, phone
lines, and GROUND."<

I agree.  Had a TV taken out with a surge through the AC caused by a nearby 
lightning strike.  Also had a laptop modem fried by a surge on the telephone 
cable.  However, wouldn't the surge protection offered by modern AC line 
protectors take care of the AC mains to the equipment?  I'd hate to think I had to 
crawl under the tables in the shack to unhook everything each time we had some 

73, Jim KM5M
Nunquam Secundum

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