[TenTec] corsair II filter?

Darwin, Keith Keith.Darwin at goodrich.com
Sat Nov 19 10:50:02 EST 2005

What don't you like about the TenTec 250 Hz filter?

The filter positions in the Corsair II has a different gain settings to
compensate for filter insertion loss.  The extra gain of the narrow
slots may mess things up a bit if you put a wide filter in that slot.  I
think it would be odd to have an S8 signal jump to S9 when you kick in
the "narrow" filter.

When I had a Corsair II I found the extra selectivity of the 250 Hz
filter to be beneficial.  Sometimes 500 Hz just wasn't narrow enough
when working a weak signal in the presence of QRM.

- Keith -

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Hi, just got a Corsair II -
need suggestions about filtering for a casual contester, cw rag chewer,
casual dx-er..
Manual says on SSB, filter selection is the stock 2.4 and the next two
positions on CW, filter selection is one after the 2.4 and next two
I don't like the 250 hz filter, am thinking of INRAD and doing the
    2.4 xmit/receive (stock) - then 2.4 inrad and 2.1 inrad
in the 1.8 and 500 hz slots,   Then put 400 hz INRAD or the
500 hz TT in the 250 hz slot -

or would you put a narrow ssb filter in the 1.8 slot, then 500 tt in the
500 slot, the 400 inrad in the 250 slot?
Your advice?
Dave K8BBM
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