[TenTec] Help with Digital Modes on Orion II

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- 1.  If I use the supplied audio cable to directly connect the  Orion II to
the computer, is there any danger to the Orion in doing so (as  in wrong
voltages blowing up the Orion)?

It can work just fine - the purpose of the interconnect boxes is to  isolate 
the lines to prevent RF and crosstalk.  if you don't have a  problem with 
these issues, you can connect directly. 
Be sure to set the audio in on the Orion to AUX.

- 2.  How do I key the transmit on the Orion?  Do I use the  vox? Does that
work on the line input? Or connect something else between  the computer and
the rig? Where to where? Or do I do it all manually,  flipping some switch
every time I want to transmit? (I do have the serial  cable hooked up between
the Orion I and the computer because I use the N4PY  control SW about half
the time.
The software will put the rig in transmit mode through the serial  port.  you 
just have to set it up right.  N4PY certainly does it as  do most rig control 
programs.  Vox might work if you went in through the  mic plug.

- 3. If I can operate directly as you are doing, why do people feel  obliged
to hook up the $50 to $300 interface boxes? 
to prevent Rf and crosstalk
to make the interface with the computer software easier
to use a USB port
to be able to control the volume with a pot on the interface instead of  
going into the Windows soundcard control
because they don't know any better

Craig  "Buck"
Fredericksburg, Virginia USA

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