[TenTec] Omni VI+ question

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The roofing filter mod/addition from INRAD does not require any soldering
except for power. The rest of the connections are all provided for with mini
coax and plugs on the filter accessory board. A very straightforward and
easy installation. SMD has nothing to do with the installation, so not to
worry, Gary. T's a very well thought out and designed addition that is worth
every penny. Installation takes a maximum of a half hour. 
73, -=Rog-K9RB=-  (Mine is a 1998 vintage Omni VI Plus model 564 with SMD

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I understand that as the VI+ evolved, some boards were constructed  
with SMD technology.  Does anyone know if the RF board (underside of  
rig near finals unit) was built with SMDs in later rigs?  If I do  
acquire a late model Plus, I would want to install the InRad roofing  
filter but am not anxious if it means soldering onto a SMD board.  My  
past experiences do not inspire much confidence.    : )

tnx, Gary W7TEA
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