[TenTec] Orion II and Audio Peak Filter

RaySoifer@cs.com RaySoifer at cs.com
Fri Feb 17 18:32:07 EST 2006

In a message dated 2/17/06 11:12:21 PM GMT Standard Time, 
robert.chortek at berliner.com writes: 
> Has anyone out there in Ten Tec Land added an audio peak filter to their
> Orion.  That is one of the features that is really useful on the
> FT1000D.  Can one be easily added to the Orion in some fashion?
I've tried my old Autek QF-1 audio filter, which can narrow down to 30 Hz, 
but frankly I find the O2's DSP noise reduction to be far more useful in pulling 
weak signals out of the noise.  A clear case of new technology beating the 
old.  The receiver in my FT-102, which is comparable to the FT-1000D (the same 
designer did both, etc.) is very good, especially with the 250 Hz roofing and 
2nd IF filters in place of the stock Yaesu 500 Hz ones, but the O2 is 
significantly better.


Ray W2RS

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