[TenTec] Replacing Orion RIT encoder - help?

Thomas Jednacz tjednacz at ieee.org
Tue Feb 21 21:04:03 EST 2006

Howdy, I just replaced the encoder in the 302 remote. Once I got the "solder
wick" to work it was not bad. Don't try to remove the metal clip holding the
encoder to the circuit board. I cut the wires from the encoder to the
circuit board then with a small screw driver gently pried back the metal
clip and the encoder popped out. After the encoder was removed it was much
easier to heat the individual wires and pull them out with a pair of pliers.
I then cleaned the holes with "solder wick" and had nice clean holes. The
new encoder popped into place easily.

73, Tom, W7QF

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> I'm sure the factory can advise me, but they are not open 
> today and I don't know about tomorrow (holiday), so I am 
> wondering, has anyone replaced their Orion RIT (or any other) 
> encoder?  Mine has become intermittent, and I know a few 
> other folks had the same problem, although they sent theirs 
> in.  I might not have even considered this, except most of 
> the disassembly required is also necessary if you are doing 
> your own control board modification to make best use of the 
> V2 firmware.  I am stuck trying to figure out how to separate 
> the encoder board from the front panel board.  A pin header 
> makes most of the connections, but something else is involved 
> in holding this is place, and I think it has to do with some 
> white spacers.  Here are some pictures:
> http://www.bosshardradio.com/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumN
> ame=orion_rit
> Any ideas?  Thanks if so!  73, John
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