[TenTec] Happy Orion owners (was question about updates)

Ron ron at morell.us
Tue May 2 12:09:02 EDT 2006

I started the thread "The Orion sure makes me happy" a while back.  You
should have read some of the email I received from others who did not
appreciate that I could say anything good about the radio.  I received
instructive emails telling me why Ten Tec was not a good company, how the
employees were incompetent, and one went so far as to explain how software
development requires a specific type of committee organization to be
successful, one said that after Doug Smith left the company, there would
never be anything worth while developed by Ten Tec.  One made sure that if I
wanted to see a "real" software development approach, I needed to get
involved with the Flex Radio.  There were others that wanted to educate me
in about problems with the radio and software and were indeed genuine in
that these folks want the radio improved and are upset because a new version
of the software does not meet their expectations and the previous versions
work better in key areas, even though the previous versions have faults.  So
frustration and understandably so, from my own experience.

My conclusion is that there are indeed several people posting to this list
that intend to slander Ten Tec and Ten Tec employees and to write
continuously to achieve that agenda.

My experience with Ten Tec employees such as Gary, Paul, Jack, and Stan, has
been 100% positive.  Very helpful and provide the services within their area
to accommodate my requests and in a timely way.  The ORION II is and
continues to be my favorite radio to use.  Do I find fault with it? OK, here
is the list that currently concerns me:

When using N4PY control software, the BinRX does not work properly in the
current versions 2.0XX
The AM transmitter does not work properly in ver. 2.033
The FM transmitter is reported to have issues, although I currently have no
occasion to use it.
and in general to polish up the ORION II, I agree with the list at

To me being happy is being able to see past the problems and find the good
in things.  Nothing will ever be perfect in this world.  I do however work
to continually make improvements where I have the ability and responsibility
to do so and this is what I think "most" of the posters to this reflector
are working toward.

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I don't get the comments about people hating their orions. I have not seen
it. The guys pointing out problems
to a man have all said they still like the radio.

Is it to the point that if you point out faults in a product you now hate
the company or the product?

Just to play devil's advocate for a moment, are the so called ten tec
faithfull brainwashed? Makes as much
sense as the hating remarks.

Steve  wd0ct
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> In my daily reading of this list, I have noted quite a bit of contrast in
> the opinions of Orion owners regarding their Orion radio.  I can't help
> wonder if the ones who hate their Orion are those type of operators who
> constantly improve, troubleshoot, tinker and eventually improve the radio
> a point where it don't work good anymore.  You know the type of operator I
> am talking about.  The one who will report, "when I put this control at
> and then put this other control at "b" and I press the PTT switch on my
> at the same time I press my foot switch while turning knob a and have
> "d" pressed ,while reversing modes yadayada,  I get this funny howling
> in my audio.
> It is nice to hear some pleased owners.  It is difficult from the posts to
> determine if this dog wil hunt or not.
> 73s, Jim wd4air
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>>Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 14:38:49 -0500
>>Jack and Tom, you two are definitely NOT the only two that are very happy
>>with their Orions!!  Mine is a II now, but had the "original" as well and
>>have loved both.  I hope more of us "happy owners" will chime in just so
>>those thinking of buying one can see just how many of us there are.
>>Don, WB5HAK
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>>Subject: Re: [TenTec] question about updates
>> > you, Tom, are not the only original Orion owner who is happy with the
>> > radio!
>> > count me in twice! jack ak7o
>> > PS i like version 1.373B3 as much as any of the previous versions. it
>> > works
>> > well so far as i can tell. but then i don't twiddle the knobs and push
>> > buttons lots. since i run CW only, i keep the 1000Hz filter in the line
>> > cut down on the noise level. now and again i switch in the 500Hz
>> > other than volume and tuning and band changes there is not a lot to
>> > twiddle.
>> > usually if i can hear it i can work it! what else is there?
>> >
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