[TenTec] 2.033

Grant Youngman nq5t at comcast.net
Fri May 5 00:07:45 EDT 2006

> improved, but when the signal pauses, the noise level is 
> reduced, and that is a benefit to me. For CW work, I notice 
> that the weak CW note sounds raspy, but is is more distinct 
> and stands out from the noise more than without NR on.

I partly agree, especially about how the signal does -- depending on the
signal and the noise and whatever else -- "stand out" as you say.  But much
of what causes it to appear to do that are all of the distortion products.
It doesn't, as best as I can tell, actually have anything to do with noise
reduction.  Frankly, I find the distortion caused on both CW and SSB modes
with NR engaged to cause very high listener fatigue after some period of


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