[TenTec] Off Topic EchoLink Question.

OTAKEBI at aol.com OTAKEBI at aol.com
Fri May 5 12:20:14 EDT 2006

Has anyone in the group had success in setting up an EchoLink connection  
using a wireless card on a laptop.
If anyone is an expert Elmer please reply direct to Dan at: 
_otakebi at aol.com_ (mailto:otakebi at aol.com) .
I have set up Roadrunner to a wireless Netgear router and I have opened  Port 
on the Netgear router.
I can connect to EchoLink on the main computer coming off the Netgear  router 
but when the signal goes to the laptop in the shack which is using a  Belkin 
wireless card I can't connect to the test server on EchoLink.
All the stations show up on the on the EchoLink website I just can't  connect.
Thanks in advance,

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