[TenTec] Orion II - Multiple PTT Outputs

Clint Talmadge unclebudd at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 13 08:36:28 EDT 2006

Bob et all,
A Yaesu FRB-757 is an external relay box for keying amplifiers, BUT it has a TX output and an RX output.  That is,one makes on transmit while the other one breaks on transmit.

And I have one. Email me for details

Clint - W5CPT
  On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 13:02 -0700, Chortek, Robert L wrote:
  >  Fellow Reflectees,
  > Can anyone explain how to hook up a PTT Output for an accessory device
  > WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, using the two Amp relay outputs?  I need to key
  > an amp AND an accessory device at the same time (turn off the accessory
  > while in xmit), so as not to fry the accessory.  The I/O jack on the
  > back won't do it, because that is an INPUT. The only thing I can think
  > of is to use a splitter on one of the amp key outputs, and run one side
  > to the amp and the other to the accessory.
  > Can this be done, and if so, can anyone help me?
  > Thanks, 
  > Bob/AA6VB

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