[TenTec] Orion 1, No RIT, XIT

Reed O. Krenn reed_ww3a at alltel.net
Tue Oct 24 17:08:09 EDT 2006

Merle Bone wrote:

>One thing that I learned at the Ten-Tec open-house is that Ten-Tec is bringing out a new board for the Orion II and the OMNI VII that is a high performance - real-time - bandscope add-on. Apparently there is a "connector built into both the Orion II and the OMNI VII. I did not hear anyone indicate it would be available in the Orion.
>73, Merle - W0EWM 
At the end of the presentation, I specifically asked Gary about the
Orion 565 and he replied that the real time add on would NOT be
compatible. He said that there is additional circuitry built into the
Orion II and OmniVII  to accomodate the bandscope accessory that isn't
in the 565. A significant enough difference that he did not expect the
565 could be easily modified.


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