[TenTec] Orion AGC Slope

Sinisa Hristov shristov at ptt.yu
Fri Sep 8 21:57:14 EDT 2006

Barry Gross wrote:

> Non-flat slope is a good thing, especially when trying to pick signals out of a pileup.

Can anybody explain HOW is this supposed to help?

Not having all the signals at the same audible level may be pleasant at times
(e.g. with very low room noise), but claiming that it can help to pick signals
from a pileup seems exaggerated, at least at the first thought.

If "out of a pileup" it taken to mean that the desired
signal appears simultaneously with some undesired ones,
then I fail to see how a sloped AGC could help at all,
given that it cannot alter the relative levels of desired and undesired signals.

Of course, a sloped AGC can make a signal 40 dB stronger than the rest
to appear 4 dB louder, but picking such a signal is not a problem anyway.

Would it help in picking out one of several comparable signals, and HOW?


Sinisa  YT1NT, VE3EA

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