[TenTec] 2.037J Speech Processor

RaySoifer at cs.com RaySoifer at cs.com
Sat Sep 9 21:08:42 EDT 2006

In a message dated 9/10/06 12:52:10 AM Greenwich Standard Time, 
ronc at sonic.net writes: 
> This was the fix we were waiting for to get the Speech Processor working 
> right.  I did some tests using an old Collins 302C-3 watt meter which has 
> relatively slow meter ballistics.  I yanked the bass out of my audio by setting 
> the EQplus bass control to 0.  With no processing and 1500 watts PEP out, the 
> average peaks shown on the 302C-3 were around 30 Watts.  Progressively 
> increasing the SP from 1 to 9 increased the average peaks up to 200 Watts.  By 
> comparison, my trusty old Alpha Vomax pushed the average peaks to about 175-200. 

I agree with Ron.  With 2.034, it sounded pretty distorted with SP settings 
higher than 3.  Now I can go up to 4 or 5 with acceptable results.

Another problem I had with prior firmware, one that I haven't seen written 
about here, concerned the DVK.  The output level was much lower than it should 
be.  That has been fixed in 2.037j.


Ray W2RS

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