[TenTec] V2.059d

John Chmielewski n2xd at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 26 07:00:20 EDT 2006

I ran the whole contest weekend with V2.059d with no problems at all.

    John N2XD
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>I ran rtty(afsk) on my Orion 565 a few weeks ago without any problem. I
> tried to participate in this past weekend's rtty test (post V2.059d) and
> was unable to tune any rtty transmissions. The only change made  here
> between the 2 events was installation of the firmware upgrade. I talked
> with TT today and they didn't think that the upgrade was the problem. I
> would appreciate hearing of other's experiences (good or bad) running
> this mode post V2.059d.
> Dave - KA2CYN
> .
> Bill Ogden wrote:
>>FWIW: I installed V2.059d recently.  I noticed the same effects that many
>>have already mentioned:
>>- Audio output (to headphones) is much lower than with earlier releases. 
>>some cases I might have both the audio and RF at maximum for weak CW.
>>- Mic control and AUX input control needed to be raised considerably over
>>the previous release. They seem to work OK, just need a different setting.
>>- The Noise Reduction function works MUCH BETTER for SSB.  (I never use it
>>for CW.)
>>- Voice output (via the monitor function) sounds raspy, especially at
>>speech processor settings higher than 2. I do not know if this raspyness 
>>actually transmitted.
>>- The speech processor produces more punch  (but maybe introduces the 
>>- There seems to be some "key click" type sounds added to strong CW
>>- I think general background noise is a little lower (or, at least, the
>>audio rendition of background noise is lower). Conditions have not been
>>great and I cannot tell if this is a general attribute of this release. It
>>does seem to make listening to 40/80 less tiring.
>>- I usually work with reduced RF gains and AGC tweaking does not seem to
>>make much difference.
>>No master reset was needed.
>>If you are still thinking about installing this release, do it!
>>Bill - W2WO
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