[TenTec] New firmware coming.... small moves forward, yes... but really a good thing.

Jerry Volpe kg6tt at arrl.net
Sun May 6 12:56:22 EDT 2007

I applaud the support movement. I am always interested in anything that 
Ten-Tec deems critical enough to move their resources for. When I buy a 
Ten-Tec I accept that I am buying into the product, the philosophy 
behind its engineering, and how it is eventually supported (I'm not 
always inline with how it is marketed though). There has to be some give 
and take in all threse areas. I expected that once Ten-Tec hardware and 
software engineering caught up somewhat on the Omni-VII product rollout 
they would have a few resources available to address some of the 
concerns of the Orion user-base. Would be a grand thing indeed if as a 
company Ten-Tec could afford (and would afford) for full-time, dedicated 
hardware and software support for all their current and reasonably 
recent products. Until that day I just turn in my critical bug reports 
and smile when I see some movement. For now my Orion still sits proudly 
at the center of my operating desk. Thanks to all that help the Orion 
series move forward.

Jerry, KG6TT

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