[TenTec] Omni VI+ drifting frequency

Rick, NJ0IP / DJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Tue May 22 20:52:00 EDT 2007

Hi Denton,

Yes, been here about 3 weeks.
I really don't think it is a heat problem, as the darn thing drifts even in
RX mode and even when it is cold in the room.
I have had several Omni VI's before and never had this trouble.
I'm not talking about slight drift, but rather big time drift.
Something is broken!

We'll see what else comes in.


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Hi Rick...you stateside yet? Gotta cure fer the drifties...my old Omni 6 
plus did a bit of that so pulled the speaker and installed a little pc fan 
to pull in cool outside air that is wired in series with one across the 
final brick heat sink.
Having a lot of fun setting up my Omni 7! Now if only could get the darn 
ethernet port to work....
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>I have an Omni VI+ opt. 3 which was shipped to me via UPS.
> The rattle inside the rig turned out to be the plastic cap of the TCO, 
> which
> apparently came lose in shipping.
> I pushed it back on.
> I did not glue it.
> When using the rig, it drifts significantly, to the extent that I need to
> adjust the VFO about once per minute.
> It seems to be drifting, not jumping.
> Any suggestions?
> Do I need to glue the cover to the TCO on to the unit?
> Thanks.
> 73
> Rick
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