[TenTec] [orion565] Strange display problem

John T. Fleming W3GQJ at embarqmail.com
Sun May 27 11:47:33 EDT 2007



That same problem happened to me about 3 months ago only my line was just
above the bottom of the 100 on the power display.  I wonder if others have
had the problem.  The display costs $119 US plus labor.  I sent my rig back
and Ten-Tec also did other updates as well as a 24 hour cycling bench test.
The rig is working great, but would be better if they could just get the
software working well.






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Hi Gang,

just before WPX my Orion started to show his rough edges. The display 
suddenly shows a strange horizontal line. I'm rather unappy and so badly 
affected that I'm giving up the contest.

To save bandwidth I prepared a detailed description including some poor 
photos showing this artifact. If you are keen of LCD displays and Orion 
and willing to offer me a helpful hand, go please to:

http://www.ok1rr. <http://www.ok1rr.com/odisp/orprob.html>

Of course, this is a hidden link. I don't wish any negative propaganda 
around my beloved toy...

Many thanks in advance!

Martin, OK1RR

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