[TenTec] Installing new Firmware

jmalloy jmalloy at stny.rr.com
Sun May 27 23:40:45 EDT 2007

Art Lewis wrote:
> Just a few questions about downloading and installing new firmware in my Orion . The manual does not seem to give you any steps other than attaching the serial cable between the computer and radio.
> I have downloaded version 2.062a to my hard drive. I now have 2.060b installed in the Orion. It was done at Ten Tec. They also made the version 2 hardware changes.
> Questions:
> Do you have the radio on or off during the firmware installation? If on do you have it set to any particular Frequency or mode? How long should this procedure take? Are there any other steps that I am missing?
> I know this seems like simple questions, but I would like to have some idea of what I am doing before I start. Hi Hi..

Art, to update the firmware, you should start your Orion I by pressing 
the User 2 key and turning the power on, keeping the User 2 key pressed 
until you see Flash Update Mode on the Orion's screen.  Then start the 
upload from your computer to the radio.  Ten-Tec presents this 
information in the README file on the site.  Good luck -- I'm quite 
happy with 2.062a, I hope you will be!


Joe, W2RBA

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