[TenTec] reduce RF Gain on a Scout?

Ken N9VV n9vv at wowway.com
Wed Oct 3 15:51:29 EDT 2007

Hi Stuart, o.k. many thanks. I will go about finding that resistor and 
see if I can bring it to a small pot on the back panel. I just hate to 
drill any holes in such a fine rig.
de ken

Stuart Rohre wrote:
> Ken,
> The RF gain is set by a fixed resistor.  The mod, substituted a pot for that 
> resistor. If you are into the radio to change a resistor, you might as well 
> make it an added pot on the back panel, if you don't think you will change 
> it much.  Flat cable can be used to bring the wires into the board.
> -Stuart
> K5KVH 
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