[TenTec] Triton IV deaf on 10m

Clark Savage Turner csturner at kcbx.net
Mon Oct 29 09:00:18 EST 2007

First, I'd check that you have the crystals for 10 meters in there.  I 
don't think they came standard.  If they're there, pull them, spray a 
tiny bit of DeOxit or something onto the contacts, and reinsert them.  
Then jiggle the bandswitch around to see if you start to hear the band 
noise come up.  If that doesn't work, write back again.

The intermittent transmit can be a lot of things, but the bandswitch, 
on this rig, would be my first concern.  I believe Ten Tec used Caig 
DeOxit or ProGold on the bandswitch contacts.  These little guys can be 
troublesome, but with care you can put it back into service.  Get a 
little ProGold onto all the bandswitch contacts (carefully, just a bit, 
wipe off excess on the outside).  Jiggle things, make sure all is 
aligned, check the shaft for wear and the guides to see that they move 
freely.  See how that goes.


On Oct 29, 2007, at 1:23 PM, Louis Ciotti wrote:

> So amungst other things my Triton IV seems to be stone deaf on 10m.  
> Another local ham said 10 was open on Sunday and made over 80 
> contacts... I heard nothing at all...  Any ideas??
> As a side note, I am still experiencig intermitant transmit problems.  
> I have reseated all of the top boards.... Now I will do the same on 
> the bottom boards.  Maybe I will get lucky...

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