[TenTec] The Titan IIII ????

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at hawaiiantel.net
Thu Dec 18 22:14:15 EST 2008

>  a true legal limit 1500 watts amp.
There are various interpretations of what a true legal limit 1500 watt 
amplifier is. To some that means it can produce 1500 watts peak in SSB 
service, but less in CW or RTTY service. Others say it is true legal 
limit if it can put out 1500 watts for a short period of time, like a 
minute with 5 or 10 minutes of idle time, in CW or RTTY mode. And there 
are those (myself included) who insist it is not a full legal limit 
amplifier unless it can put out 1500 watts in high duty cycle, nearly 
100% duty cycle, RTTY or CW contesting. There are a lot of people who 
stick with tube amplifiers, because few if any of the solid state 
offerings are true full legal limit 1500 watt amplifiers by that 
definition. If Ten-Tec made one, it would be one of the few available, 
and if the price was comparable to similarly capable tube amps, it might 
sell a bunch.


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