[TenTec] TenTec Model 526 6n2 Meter Transceiver

W8KZW w8kzw at arrl.net
Wed Jan 9 12:31:10 EST 2008

I have an opportunity to acquire one of these at what I think is an
attractive price ($400).

My question is, will I be happy with the radio vs. an Icom 275 or 271 or
Yaesu / Kenwood equivalent?

I certainly do not want to start a lengthy string here of the overall merits
of Ten-Tec vs you know whom ... I'm just looking for some constructive
feedback on the "I've actually used it" performance specs of this relatively
obscure (at least to me!) radio as opposed to other purchase options I may

Please let's leave out the "Made in America" and "great Ten-Tec service"
snippets ... I'm a Ten-Tec believer already with an Omni VI , Corsair II,
and Titan.

Thanks in advance for the input.  Please cc my email address (
w8kzw*at*arrl.net ) in your reply to the reflector should you choose to
respond ... my feeds are batched and I need to make a decision quickly.


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