[TenTec] Omni VII NOW on the web

Wayne Whitman wwhitman at fastmail.fm
Wed May 7 20:10:59 EDT 2008

I'll do that.  Looking forward to trying it out this Friday.  I didn't
realize that TT could set you up to try it remotely at the factory (if
you have a fast internet connection) until Stan mentioned it this week. 
Have never seen any mention of it on the reflector.  They should pitch
that offer here.

I struggled with the Omni VII Vs the K3 for some time and finally
decided that a user friendly rig was more important than absolute
receiver performance numbers beyond a certain point and for how I want
to use it, it's probably just right.  Fortunately I am working in
Charlotte, NC for the next 6 months and driving back to KY on Friday for
a week at home and the factory is right on the way. Have never been
there before.

I'm very curious as to how it will sound/perform compared to my Omni VI+
and my Orion II.  Nothing like a hands on demo.  Stan offered me a
reasonable trade-in on my Omni VI+ and Argonaut V which will be simpler
for me since I am not home much.  Now if the Omni VII just had a
realtime sweep and a second rx, I would really be in hog heaven!

Will let you all know how it goes.
k4elo at fastmail.fm

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