[TenTec] Ham Radio Deluxe

DW Holtman tubestuff at comcast.net
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Thank you to everyone for taking the time to help. The information in all 
three of the Ten Tec documents I have were wrong, at least for my set up. I 
removed the jumpers and only use pins 2-3-5-7 (as suggested by several 
people) with three wires and it works great.Great group. Finally! Working!!!

Thanks again,
DW Holtman

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> CSM(r) Gary Huber wrote:
>> Note; if you choose to use only DB-9 pins 2,3, and 5 for signal, you must
>> use 9600 baud and below speeds with software flow (XON - XOFF) flow 
>> control.
> Thats strange, I only use 2-3-5 and 19200 and all works perfectly. I
> must have missed the above somewhere.
> Ed W3NR
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