[TenTec] G5RV

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at hawaiiantel.net
Sun Feb 1 13:44:19 EST 2009

Hi Al,

     You said:

> The advantage of a 
> simple dipole, resonant length or not, fed  open line is a perfect 1:1 on 
> any frequency on any band and you don't have to use coax anywhere.
This may be true for a few particular frequencies, with each dipole 
length/feed line impedance/feed line length combination you may try. And 
you could modify the lengths to make it true on some different 
frequencies. It is not true that there is a perfect 1:1 SWR "on any 
frequency on any band" for one dipole wire length and one open wire feed 
line length combination, even if you mean the SWR the transmitter sees 
and not the SWR on the line itself.

With a matching network, it can be made to be nearly true, or at least 
appear to the transmitter to be true, by adjusting the matching network 
for each frequency, or perhaps bypassing it on those few special 
frequencies where you don't need it. You'll probably be using coax 
somewhere, like between the matching network and the transmitter, unless 
your transmitter has a link coupled output to feed open wire feed line 
>> Huh? A perfect 1:1 what? Not SWR
> It wasn't clear but I meant a perfect 1:1 swr looking from the transmitter. 
> Not on the line itself. The line has a high swr on some bands but the loss 
> is minimal compared at any other type of feedline arrangement.
> AL 

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