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Unless, of course, you live on a small 25' x 100' lot in a town with 35' max height restrictions  as I do. No I have never used a G5RV, but there are reasons so many try them. They do work after a fashion as do many verticals and random-length wires. It is amazing to me also that so many are so passionate about antennas, but it is also refreshing that we can read so much, both accurate and questionable, from such a varied group of hams as we have on this reflector. If I get tired of it, I can always use the 'Delete' button. Thanks to all who bring their knowledge and/or opinions to this round table. Oh, yeah, I put up the longest wire I could and fed it in the middle with ladder line. It's tuned by a Palstar AT5K. Is it a great antenna? No, but it works. 



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i didnot realize there was so many radio illiterate people to carry on for a week about a g5rv antenna  put up 130 feet fed in the middle with 100 feet of ladder line and have a real antenna 75 thrue 6 meters works great and harmonically related 
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