[TenTec] G5RV

Rick Denney rick at rickdenney.com
Mon Feb 2 20:02:56 EST 2009

Stuart Rohre writes...

> The idea was to provide a resonant dipole for 15 meters on any flavor or
> G5RV, but certainly mainly for the 102 foot true G5RV.  The other is a
> half size G5RV.  Besides a 3:1 SWR on the 102 foot version, at 15m; you
> also have a less optimal lobe pattern and possibly angle of take off.
> That is subjective observation on 15 meters where I can work a G5RV into
> coastal states from mid America, but don't see all that much DX come thru.

Of course, all antennas are a compromise, because requirements
conflict. And conditions are so variable that anecdotal experience
isn't worth much, as we will agree. I have a G5RV and I spend a lot of
time talking to people using it. Funny enough, I was able to work
Ducie Island last year on 40, 17, 15, 12, and 10 on that antenna. The
irony is that I never was able to get them on 20, even running a
little power. Just the way the bands were running when I tried.

My G5RV is too low at 35 feet in the center and sloping down to the
ends. It has a bead balun choke to kill common-mode currents at the
point where the coax meets the balanced line, but then it runs through
170 feet of 8x into a Ten Tec 229 tuner. It would warm the clouds if
it wasn't wasting all that warmth on surrounding pine trees. There's
just nothing right about it, heh, heh.

I have had all the parts to put up a home-built hex antenna ala Steve
Hunt's excellent variation on the original hex-beam. I just haven't
come to agreement with the neighborhood beautification committee
(which has one member, to whom I'm married) on where my tower should
go. Diamonds haven't yet worked, but I'm hopeful.

Rick, KR9D

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