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Ralph Matheny mathenyr at marietta.edu
Mon Feb 2 20:10:26 EST 2009

At the risk of prolonging the misery of this thread, I must quote 
Mr. Varney, G5RV in his "update" article in ARRL Antenna Compendium #1.
Quote, "The G5RV antenna, with it's special feeder arrangement, is a 
multiband center-fed antenna capable of efficient operation on all the
HF bands from 3.5 to 28Mhz."  From that quote, it would appear that Varney
had in mind more than 20 meters.  The rest of his article is actually 
quite interesting.  He discusses each mode of operation, band band by 
band.  Must reading for those who wish to discuss the antenna, I would

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On Mon, 2 Feb 2009, Bill Rowlett wrote:

> Were in the world did you come up with an 80 and 40 meter versions of a G5RV. The G5RV is a 20 meter antenna, PERIOD. G5RV designed it for 20 meters. Anything other than his design is not a G5RV, it is a center feed dipole.
> 73, Bill  KC4ATU
>> Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 03:30:02 -0800> From: wa9ysd at yahoo.com> To: tentec at contesting.com> Subject: Re: [TenTec] G5RV> > > > Don't get me wrong, adding the 15M wire to the 80M G5RV will work just fine.> > A 40M version for a G5RV is the same antenna except the antenna and feed line is just cut to half size. It will not work on 80M.> > Keep The Faith, Jim K9TF/WA9YSD> > > > > _______________________________________________> TenTec mailing list> TenTec at contesting.com> http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/tentec
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