[TenTec] RF speech processors

Mike Gorniak mgorniak at genesiswireless.us
Wed Feb 4 10:24:54 EST 2009

You are correct, Ron. The audio that I find best for serious pile-up busting is what I would describe as "evil, wicked, mean and nasty"! It IS offensive...no two ways about it. This type of audio is not suitable for polite conversation. In fact, it is totally inappropriate except for anything BUT DX pile ups. For those that doubt it's effectiveness, try this: Listen to the first stations that get through the next pile up that you encounter. It's enough to make your eardrums bleed!

My experiences with being the one on the "other side" of a pile up concur with this philosophy as well. It's the ugly signals that cut through the clutter first. THEN, I can work the rest of the guys.



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From: "Ron Castro" <ronc at sonic.net>
Subject: Re: [TenTec] RF speech processors

Speech clipping (as opposed to compression) does result in a more usable 
signal and it also makes more noise, but in a pile-up, noise can obscure a 
competitor and get you the QSO first.  It sounds like "dirty pool", but it 
works  :-) 

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