[TenTec] Plate Voltage reading on Centurion

Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
Thu Feb 5 08:21:12 EST 2009

Could be the meter.  If so the other values Ig, FWD and REF would also 
likely be in error.  Otherwise, I'd suspect the meter multiplier resistors 
being R44, R43, R42 and or R41 located on the HV Rectifier-Filter board. 
I'd check these with a ohm meter.  See page 5-55 in the manual.

Bob, K4TAX

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> Hi Everyone,
> My trusty Centurion (which will still pump out rated power on 20m without 
> a
> great strain) seems to have the plate voltage dropping to what reads now ~
> 2400V. Since it was at TT less than a year ago with a good bill of health,
> I doubt the electrolytics are failing, especially since the amp seems to 
> be
> making full power (though I rarely run it that hard).
> Is the meter shunt known to go bad on this ?  I do have a Fluke HV probe
> for my 87 and am capable of measuring it safely.  I'm guessing TT still 
> has
> the shunt itself should I need one.
> Thanks for any info
> John k5mo
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