[TenTec] New RF Clipper

Doug Turnbull turnbull at net1.ie
Thu Feb 5 13:39:34 EST 2009

Hi All,

     I for one am most interested in the new RF clipper.   In the late
seventies and early eighties I ran a Magnum Six RF flipper with my Drake
T4XB.   Now I have heard some say the T4XB did not have very good audio
itself but I disagree and feel it was quite good for the time.   However
with the Magnum Six in line I always got exceptional audio reports and one
could easily see the increased average RF output.   The reports indicated
both improved strength and audio quality.   Now the Magnum Six operated at 9
MHz and thus operated at RF frequencies not in the audio range.   This RF
clipper was not cheap but it was worth every penny.   I was never much
impressed with audio compression nor the RF clippers which converted back to
audio.   Perhaps TenTec has the answer though and if the reports are good
then I will purchase one.   

                          73 Doug EI2CN


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