[TenTec] Centurion 422 Bias Circuit Solved

K0BX k0bx at arrl.net
Thu Feb 5 21:00:42 EST 2009

Jack, I don't know how you got those numbers either?  Maybe you 
transpose something/

See below,  but your SN would mean May 1993, 1st production run and the 
5th one produced.  That is if I read the information below correctly?
But thanks to everyone for the help.

Joe K0BX

Serial Number Information
Position Meaning
Digits Pre-1992:
BEFORE Week or month of manufacture, either correct or reversed depending
the letter on model and year. "72" could be either 27th week or 2nd 
month (ignore the 7.)
Month of manufacture. Could be represented as single digit
Dates indicate when the radio was scheduled to be manufactured,
not when it actually was ... the actual date of manufacture could be one 
or two months
Letter Separator. "C" from 2000 on. "A", "B" or "H" before.
First digit AFTER Production run number within the month (or week in 
early SN's)
Next three digits Sequence number within the production run.
Last digit Last digit of year of manufacture.
So that .. 12C10480
: Scheduled to be manufactured December 2000, Run 1, #048, but may have 
been built a
. month or two later.

jack wrote:

>according to the tentec code for serial numbers:
>amplifier s/n 5b10053
>5 = may
>1=production run for that month
>034 =unit number for that run
>9=year of manufacture

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