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I currently have the InRad #760 in the N2 position in my Omni VI+ and have it switched in all the time on CW. It's that good. I have the #751 in the 250 position, The #759 that you mention is a 400-Hz filter for the 9 MHz strip. That would be the N1 or N2 position. To use the #759, you would have to choose between it and the #760. Not a bad deal if you run CW all the time. I have the #761, 1.8 MHz in the N1 position as I need the wider bandpass for those occasional forays into SSB land. 

To answer more directly, get the #760. It's clean and you'll love the narrow bandpass. I'd hate to be without it. 

I hope this helps 



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I have a 219 filter in my Omni VI+ and I think that it has too much loss. I 
do not know if all 219 filters have this much loss or it is just a bad 

Has anyone tried the Inrad 760 filter that is supposed to replace the 219 
250 hz filter? How about the 759 that is a replacement for the 217 500hz 

Thanks 73 

Paul K9OT 

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