[TenTec] Time to upgrade & advice needed!

Michael Zeglen kl7ai at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 22:45:01 EST 2009

First of all I am a die hard TEN TEC fan. ,  Owning two 540's, one in the house, one mobile back in the 80's, had the 515 & sold it off 2 years ago for $100 bucks but I still have my Paragon. Now I feel it is time to upgrade. I run 99.9% CW and am thinking of the ORION or ORION II. I could care less about band scopes but I am NOT knocking those who do cherish them. Color screen, well..... maybe nice but I could survive with monotone B/W. I am after the filters and selectivity. Now your thoughts. YOU ALL think I would be happy with the Orion or should I spend the extra dollars and go for the ORION II. I will end up having the radio loaded with filters in the end. This will retire my Paragon and the Orion will still be a great match to my Titan II. Yes I have a rice radio too.....Icom 706MKIIG but doesn't have the ears like a Ten Tec! -73's KL7AI Alaska
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