[TenTec] Time to upgrade & advice needed!

Scott Harwood scotthsr at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 7 07:13:37 EST 2009

I have owned both OI and OII.  For your purposes there is little difference, but I would highly recommend the optional cw filters in either case.  They both have the best receiver I have ever used.  From a purely subjective viewpoint, I would go with the OII.   The color screen and other improvements are nice, and I suspect in the long term, Ten-Tec will have more support for the OII.

Scott K4VWK

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>i have never used the O2 but love my O's. don't own a mike for either of 
>them. i have been all CW for 20 years now and don't miss SSB. once in a blue 
>moon i fire up on PSK31, need WY for WAS. maybe one day... the O has the 
>best RX i have heard since the Collins 75S3B i had nearly 30 years ago. if i 
>can hear it i usually can work it with NO amp. haven't had an amp for 25 
>years either. i am sold on the Orion!
>73 jack ak7o
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