[TenTec] RIT/XIT Problem back

Ron Castro ronc at sonic.net
Sat Feb 7 15:30:43 EST 2009

John: I started seeing the same problem for the first time a few weeks ago, 
and I performed the fix you described back in July on connector J8.  That 
solved the problem for me, but it's always a possibility that simply 
disassembling the case is actually repairing another lose wire or circuit 
board trace somewhere else.

The interesting clue is that the RIT/XIT control is the one that seems to 
have the most problems even though it's generally used less than the Multi 
or Main AF encoders by most ops.  I'm still suspicious of the cable.  Those 
ribbon connectors with the "wire stabs" that punch through the insulation 
have failed on me in other types of equipment.  Perhaps swapping the two 
cables might cure the problem, or make it manifest itself in a different 

         Ron    N6IE

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> After all my work, the intermittent RIT/XIT problem is back! :={ This time 
> I
> am going to use the standoffs that Ten-Tec sent me so I can mount the 
> front
> panel away from the case. Then when the control does not work, I can use a
> plastic stick and touch suspect parts and see if it starts working again. 
> It
> is not going to be easy because I can make it work again just by pressing 
> on
> the front panel. That is why some people had said pulling knobs cured the
> problem. More to come. And I thought for sure I had it when I found the 
> pins
> with no evidence of rubbing the socket.
> 73,
> John
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