[TenTec] Doorknobs needed - Was: Ig drift on amps

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Mon Feb 9 20:29:25 EST 2009

It appears I likely need to replace at least some of the padding 
capacitors in the tank on my 425 to stop the Ig drift on the lower 
bands. To do a clean sweep, what I need to replace are the following.

A. (C6, C7) Two 1000pf @ 5KV series 858s doorknobs

B. (C17)     One 500pf @ 5KV series 858s doorknob

C. (C18, C20) Two 300pf @ 5KV series 858s doorknobs

D. (C15)     One 400pf @ 15K Series HEC HT57 doorknob

E. ( C16) One 270pf @ 2KV disc: Ceramic?/Mica? which is about 
1"x3/32" and is glossy yellow. On the side it reads:

RMC   270    J
2KV    P     3

I would like to change "E" to an 858 series doorknob, making it a 
270pf @ 5KV series 858 doorknob.

The Drifting Ig issue is really a problem on the low bands and I'm 
concerned about damaging the tubes. If you have any of these caps in 
as new condition available, please contact me off list.



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