[TenTec] O2 output level with PSK aux in

Ron Castro ronc at sonic.net
Tue Feb 10 22:41:38 EST 2009

It sounds like there is not enough output from the computer to drive the O2. 
Check to see if the ALC light is flashing.  If everything is turned up on 
the computer and you're not getting ALC indication, then you need more 
output from the computer.  There are generally two level adjustments on the 
computer that need to be turned up: one is the "Wave" level, the other is 
the "Master" level.  If one of those is down low, you'll get low output. 
Also check for bad connectors and cables.

The SP will increase the output power, although I can't understand why the 
discrepancy between the O2 Wattmeter and the external one.  When the 
external meter reads 100 Watts, what does the meter in the O2 do?  Are you 
loading into a good load?  If there really is that much of a discrepancy, 
you may need to do a master reset.

         Ron  N6IE

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> Using HRD sound card into rear panel auxiliary input.  With speech proc 
> off I get only about 50 watts out with max audio drive measured on rf 
> wattmeter.  The O2 meter shows 100 watts, not 50.  If I turn SP on, I can 
> get closer to 100 watts out.  The O2 power meter appears to be reading 2x 
> what is actually being transmitted?  And or the drive level without the SP 
> is cut 50 percent?  What's going on in the DSP?  Any suggestions on how to 
> get an honest 100 watts on Psk? Jim N4BE
> Jim
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