[TenTec] Triton IV (analog)/spker-p/s, etc ... FS

Ken Scheper kenshep at one.net
Sat Feb 14 11:32:50 EST 2009

I have a 540 Triton IV and 262G PS/Spkr both working the last time I used them about 1 1/2 years ago. 9.7-8 cosmetically. Had full output last time used. I acquired a 540 digital and pulled this one out of line then. The 262G has a slight limp from one of the pop down footers due to a broken plastic foot. Also there is a plastic chip off one of the rear corners of the Triton ( 1/16",hardly noticeable..).If you don't use the pop downs, you can't even tell there is anything wrong. All connecting cables included. As usual with electronics, nothing is guaranteed, but I busted many pileups with it barefoot, and the analog dial, although not digital, was pretty darn close. I have the original manual for the 540, but can't find the 262G manual. I'm sure VERY easy to find. If I find the 262 manual, I'll send it on. $375 for both plus shipping from Cincinnati 45247. Pix available for serious offers as posted or additional views.

I am also selling the last of the Hallicrafters Company's attempts at survival. This is the FPM 300MKII 80-10M transceiver. The working condition is unknown. There is no power plug with it, but the original manual was found. This is being sold out of an estate to help out a friend who volunteered to do it for the widow. The shack was a mess, so thus far this is all he was able to put together on this rig. The rig itself is a 9.5 cosmetically, but unfortunately was taken off line several years ago and put in his collection room. According to secondary market value books, one of these would sell for $600+ in this condition. Due to the power hookup missing, and the unknown working condition, we'd like $375 plus shipping. It's heavy, so a pickup from Cincinnati might be possible...your call! He thought there was a mike, and certainly a power plug but no luck finding them yet. If found, we'll throw them in, but nothing yet! Pix will be made available if truly interested. 

Lastly, I have a hard-backed map.  It shows all of the counties in the all 50 states, and some bordering Canadian, and US areas areas. The dimensions are 1/2" X 33.75" X 44.25". If you're into county hunting, this is the ULTIMATE !  This originally came from a custom map shop and is in extremely good shape. It has 4 mounting holes. The surface is coated in a clear finish. About 10 or so pounds.
It won't go cheap ... I'll buy it first myself. If you're into counties though, it's a keeper. If pix are requested, that's fine also. Everything is plus shipping/packing from 45247 (Cincinnati). Similar maps matted go for $250 - $300. I had one matted for my CY0AA expedition, so I know.  Reasonable offer takes it plus shipping from 45247.


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