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mcelmer1 mcelmer1 at netecin.net
Wed Feb 18 13:30:00 EST 2009

I just went through this with my Orion 1.  Initially, the display was a 
little dark in the upper left corner.  Then, the display pulsed/flickered 
and the radio never came on: the display simply pulsed/flickered.

I changed C6/C7 on the DC distribution board but that did not correct the 
problem. Then, I noticed that C9 was slightly bulging at the top; replaced 
that ( $1.29 at Radio Shack) and the problem was corrected. Cheap fix.

Warning: removing any of the electrolytics on this board is a challenge.

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> Ralph Matheny wrote:
>> I wonder if anybody has successfully changed the display in an Orion in
>> the field.  My display is getting pretty bad (lines, dark places) and I 
>> am
>> going to nhave to give in and make a fix.  I hate to ship it back to TT
>> and pay the extra if I can do it here....I'm a pretty good
>> fixer-upper......
>> Comments and pitfalls???
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> There's a very good likelihood that it isn't the display but the
> electrolytic caps on the little voltage regulator board.  If you don't
> like the idea of changing the caps, T-T has the populated boards for not
> much more than $40.
> 73,
> Dave K8MN
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