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Oh Bob...u should have read the entire thread. Intel that this week was the possible release came from Mr. Robbins at a recent hamfest. No speculation there buddy but just another example of internally crossed wires IMHO. Am I upset about this? Heavens no...I live by this theory...no expectations... No disappointments ... It is what it is...we own the radios now...so if we don't like it then we can sell. Is this good...no...but I have bigger fish to fry and this is just a hobby.
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this is incredible.  Ten-Tec says they are done and will release "soon". 
Someone makes the observation that "well ,last time they released on a 
Friday".  Now everyone is freaked out because the new toy isn't under the 
tree as someone, not Santa, promised.  I think that we  are still within the 
period that I would call "soon" at LEAST for another week or so.  Quit 
whining!  :)

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> Is this a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing?
> Or is it simply that those who do the software are just never satisfied, 
> finding one more little bit to tweak?
> Or is it possibly that TT is such a small company it can't deliver what it 
> says it is going to deliver?
> Or is it basically their foundational strategy and tactic?
> It has been this way since the first sale of the first Jupiter. Was it 
> that way when the OMNI VI+ and the VI Updates? And now all their radios 
> are software based so you can "Update" them.
> Wheeeeee! "If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and . . . "
> Raymond
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