[TenTec] And Waiting....Would you pay?

Jim M. jmiller1706 at cfl.rr.com
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Does Icom provide upgrades with software?  I don't see it being done.
Instead we will see a never ending stream of revisions such as the 746, 746
Pro, 746 Pro III, etc. to fix problems.  Let's see, 7800, 7800 Pro, Pro ii,
Pro III, then there will be the 8000, 9000, etc.  It's like car
manufacturers.  Keep the market stimulated with new yearly models.  I expect
that to do a major improvement to the O2 they will need to upgrade the
computer/DSP architecture with a new board release.  The DSP now is probably
over loaded (that's why the 7800 has a DSP dedicated to just the sprectrum
display).  The O2 must share DSP capacity between digital filtering,
demodulating, spectrum calculation, etc.  That's why things slow down when
you spin the dial.  The DSP probably eats p more time servicing encoder
interrupts, and has to put spectrum display down to a lower priority when
the dial is spinning.  There's plenty of empty space inside the O2 for
future add ons.  Maybe a cottage industry will start up to develop new
boards, processor upgrades, maybe an automatic front-end preselector add-on,
etc.  N4BE

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I for one would not mind paying for software upgrades if that would help
ensure a steady flow of upgrades.  I know many feel Ten Tec is still working
out bugs and issues that should have been addressed in the first release,
but if a revenue stream would hasten the work I feel we would be better off
funding it.  It is clear that resources are an issue for them and that
changes to an "old" product aren't exactly priority one.  Software is tough
stuff, takes talented, dedicated people and is expensive.

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