[TenTec] All your problems can be solved

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Mon Feb 23 14:05:59 EST 2009

> You know guys i love TenTec aswell. But if you want top notch receiver performance and even better goodies and way more updates. And save a few bucks at the same time get a loaded K-3 Bingo you are now having your cake and eating too. Hate to have to say that but it is time Ten Tec craps or gets off the pot... 

I was waiting for the O2 to get it's firmware updated before ordering 
one. I've been following this reflector for several years now trying 
to decide when was the right time to buy one. When the O2 came out I 
was convinced that is the radio I would go with. 

Then came the unrealistically long times in-between updates and 
following the K3 reflector I see updates and requested features added 
time after time again & again. 

got tired of waiting for "the pot" so in December I bought the K3 & 
sub Rx & most of the optional goodies.

Felt like a traitor as a devout TT owner for nearly 30 years, I 
honestly want TenTec to succeed in the Ham Radio marketplace but 
their interest in keeping their existing customers of the Orion happy 
has apparently dwindled. I want a radio that is actively supported, 
not one where the only connection to their customers is a top shelf 
repair department.

TT does not actively participate in this reflector except to 
advertise used gear and that's inconsiderate of them or unthinking at 
best. So Elecraft got the profit from my purchase & not TenTec. Maybe 
the new TenTec administration does not really care about the ham 
market and are falling on their sword?

If TenTec does care then they better smarten up real fast. They need 
to get in the hunt, start participating on this reflector and getting 
those promised updates completed because satisfied customers tend to 
stick with the brands that make them happy.

They are losing money because of their inaction, I'm proof of that.


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