[TenTec] Grass not always greener

Doug Turnbull turnbull at net1.ie
Mon Feb 23 14:57:09 PST 2009

There is a lot of complaining about the lack of any update in the past two
years and I might place myself in the same camp.   I have a K3 in kit form
to assemble in the near future and as a result I now watch their reflector.
I suspect this radio is better than my Orion 2 in some respects but you
should see the complaints and problems which people are reporting daily
including problems with desense when listening to pileups.   There are
problems with the K3 as well as all rigs.   One thing that is evident is
that the Elecrafter people actually get involved with the user community but
then they have a different approach as previously mentioned on this
reflector.   I truly believe that the O2 with external pod is ergonomically
a superior radio and this counts when contesting.   

My point is that everyone has changes they want made.   I very much wish
that TT was a bit more attentive to the Orion and O2 needs but then I am a
user.   Two years is a long time.   Then again up until recently one had to
wait nearly six months to take delivery of a K3 though this is now down to a
couple of weeks.   

As to the 7800/7700, well I know a prominent UK ham who got rid of his 7700
for a K3 and has no regrets.  Some features were better on the 7700 but
overall the K3 is a better rig.   By the way there are also complaints about
the Noise Reduction in the K3.   No rig is perfect but the O2, K3 and Flex
radios all made in the USA are now coming out close if not on the top of the
heap.   This is some change.


Please can mother TT get involved with the Orion series once more.   I for
one very much like some of the small changes made in the last couple of
updates and would not downplay them.   The NR and NB are not so large a
concern for me.   Now back to waiting for the kettle to boil.

                                73 Doug EI2CN

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