[TenTec] Triton IV shutting down TT 262G Power Supply

Doug Smith ve3iyb at rogers.com
Tue Feb 24 16:25:42 PST 2009

My Father Don VE3IYA says that his Triton IV that was working w/ low output
on 10M is now not working in TX.  As soon as you hit PTT in SSB, the key in
CW or go to LOCK mode it shuts the TT 262G down.  After a few seconds and a
power cycle on the 262G it will come back to receive. This happens
regardless of drive setting and YES it is into a known good dummy load.


We have not had the covers off yet but I suspect the 80284 SWR ALC board
will need to be looked at as well as the 80276 Final Amp and the 80280
Control Board. So what do the experts on here say? We are just thinking out
loud before diving in. 


Doug VE3IYB EN93ui ~ 60 miles SW of Toronto, Ontario, Canada Eh?

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